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About us


Hello and welcome to our new website, we are a Roman Catholic Church who belong to Archdiocese of Southwark. Please do feel free to browse around our website.


The Parish of St Vincent's, Dartford is a relatively new Parish. It owes its origin to the Mother Church of St Anselm's. Before the present Church was built, a Chapel was in existence since 1892 which served the Presentation Brothers and the boys of St Vincent's School. In May 1985 the Church was opened as a newly founded Parish by the Very Reverend Michael Bowen.


The building has a definite character, relying heavily on natural materials such as wood, pebbles and canals on each side to retain the rain water from the steep, slanting roof. It sits amongst the greenery surrounded by huge oak trees and some modern dwellings. The Church speaks to us in the way nature speaks of God. It generates a warm feeling and is very conducive to prayer.


The parish caters for young children from the age of 8 to 18. There is a junior club for children up to the age of 12 and a youth group from the age of 13. These youngsters are engaged in many activities which vary from week to week.


In addition, the church provides children's liturgies, which enable children to understand the Sunday Mass in line with the liturgy of the day.

Once every month St Anselm's School prepares the 11am Sunday Mass, providing readers, singers and liturgical dance.


With the continued support of Father Zammit the Year 6 production is performed every year in the St Vincent's Parish Centre.



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