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Parties and holidays are over, down to earth, back to business, in a very different way though

One may think that Fr. Alex has either forgotten or had no time to write his annual Christmas message. Well in fact it is neither one nor the other. It has been done on purpose and in fact the message is here.

This year I would like to meditate on the light that takes away all darkness. The celebration of Christmas is the commemoration of the most important event in human history. It is the event in which God / Love takes human form and becomes one of us. It is only through the incarnation of Jesus that God / Love itself can talk to us and let us know the way to true freedom. Freedom of mind, body and soul… total freedom. By becoming human, Jesus shows us the way through his teachings and frees us through his self-giving for the salvation of all. He is the light that takes away all life’s darkness. The light that opens human eyes and minds to see. The light so much needed in the past, present and the future of humanity.

Jesus is needed more than ever. When we look at the mess we are living in the world over we need a shining light to show us the way. His teachings are the way. We need to be humble enough to accept that God / Love is by far wiser than human intelligence in all its efforts to see humanity through. Many attempts have been made by intelligent human beings with solutions that vary from human justice, constitutions, rules and regulations, human rights, international courts, prisons and executions, etc. etc., but look at the world around us and one can see results. So much injustice, poverty, war, death…

We need to act. Parties and holidays are over. We have the answer; the Light that came down to earth. We need to get back to business, but in a very different way. Let our lives be led by the light that come from the true Light that dissipates all darkness. It is time to focus on God’s / Love’s wisdom rather than human intelligence. We have the answer. When Jesus, who is God / Love, was asked a direct question on what is the most important of all, without hesitation he answered, “Love of God and love of neighbor”. The way to go cannot be clearer and it is not a human advice, but God’s / Love’s wisdom communicated to humanity. While the world speaks of materialism, Jesus speaks of peace of heart, while the world speaks of power, Jesus speaks of humility, while the world speak egoism, Jesus speaks of altruism. In other words, let’s take another advice of Jesus. The only way to go is to be “in the world but not of the world”. The world has had its go, perhaps it is time to give God / Love a go. That is why, Parties over, down to earth, back to business, in a very different way though.

My advice is to read the gospels over and over again. There is no better way to know what God / Love knows what is best for us human beings and the world we live in. If we are really interested in world peace, there is where one finds the answer.

One last thing… instead of speaking of rights, let us speak of respect. Respect is superior to rights. Let us teach our children respect and they won’t need to defend themselves with rights. Let us respect women instead of giving them rights while continuing to mistreat them. Let us respect humanity and all that lives instead of inventing more and more rights. The golden rule is respect all. All that is… human or not.

To understand better the God / Love concept download the podcast found at this link (you will need to have iTunes installed):

See also the new web page You can keep up to date with what goes on in the mission in the news section.

ENJOY and Blessed be all peace makers.

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