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Legion of Mary: Parish mission

A group of nine members of the Legion of Mary (A lay church organisation) Consisting of three females and six males including the priest chaplain arrived on Thursday, July 6th, by plane from Malta on a Parish Mission. The main trust of the mission was to visit as many homes as possible to bring about a renewed consciousness of the church's mission to propagate the good news of Jesus. They embarked on going out twice a day each day knocking on doors in various parts of the parish. This time the weather was pleasant, it was easier for them to go about without any hindrance from the elements.

By and large they felt that they were very well received. They managed to knock on over fourteen hundred doors, contacted five hundred and twenty four families and made contact with fifty seven catholic families. The Parish is indebted for such a pastoral ministry rendered. We continue to build on what has been achieved and pray for a positive outcome of this mission. Many thanks to the kind Parishioners who provided accommodation.

You can find more about the Legion of Mary by visiting their website

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