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The Peruvian Project is a Parish project. We are effectively helping the Parish of Primero de Junio in Arequipa. Coffee mornings take place after the 11am Mass every Sunday to raise funds for the project. Parishioners have been very generous to the cause and everyone involved would like to show their gratitude.

A message from Fr. Alex:

Fr. Alex Busuttil

Hello Fr Patrick and Friends at St Vincents,


"Saludos" from Arequipa, Peru. I hope this finds all in good health and in high spirits.


I want to thank you in the first place for taking the challenge of helping me build one of the multi-purpose halls in my very extensive Parish. As I have commented before there are many settlements in the Parish and three deep ravines that divide the whole area, so I had to find strategic locations so we can always be near to the people. I have already built two besides a church, am presently finishing one (which is already being used even if unfinished and work is going on) and then we'll be needing another two. With the one you'll be helping us with we'll then be needing just one. These halls are very important because they'll be used for the celebration of the Sunday Mass, preparation for the sacraments, the youth groups we are slowly setting up, possibly the choirs, etc. We'll also be using these halls for other activities with the elderly, the women and children, besides serving food and regular medical activities.


The halls are about 15 metres by 10 metres and can house about 150 people seated. We are building them in good strong materials as the need to be anti-seismic as here we have tremors very often. We are also building them strong enough as to hold a second storey in the future if need be. The real cost will be around US$ 60,000. But I am promoting them for US$ 20,000 to be more accessible. I try to interest more groups to make ends meet. The one that you'll be helping me with is in a settlement called "Mujeres con Esperanza" meaning "Women with Hope". It is almost 3,000 metres above sea level and weather conditions can be very hard, at time too warm or very cold. For example, lately we had to suspend the celebration of the Eucharist because it is too cold. We have to celebrate the Eucharist around 7.00pm after that people return from work. The public transport does not even reach the settlement itself.


So Fr. Patrick you can imagine what a great blessing you and your Parish's support will mean. I thank you in advance in the name of all the people of the area, and I shall keep you updated with the progress as things move on. St Vincent’s Parish has always been very generous with my people and we always keep you in our prayers. We have a special prayer that we recite after communion in every Eucharist for the needs of all the benefactors that support us.


May the Almighty change all your generosity into blessings over all of you and all your loved ones.


United in one mission of building Peace on Earth through Faith and Service.


Fr. Alex Busuttil MSSP


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