Cabaret evening with Dave Quinn!

Ladies and gentleman, grab your diaries and pencil in the 27th June!

You are invited to purchase your ticket to a cabaret evening with Dave Quinn.

All proceeds raised from ticket sales will be donated to the House of Mercy based in Gravesend.

House of Mercy, Edwin Street, Gravesend, is a registered charity which provides hostel accommodation, support and a positive future for single homeless people.

Tickets cost £12, children go half price!

There will be a 3 course meal provided on the night.

Please click the image for full screen.

Charity Race Night

There will be a Race Night at St Vincent's Parish Hall on Friday 20th September 2013. The first race will be at 8pm, this event is to raise funds for Fr Alex's Peruvian Project. You can join the event by purchasing a ticket or owning a horse.

Tickets are £3 for Adults and children go free!
Alternatively you can buy a horse for £10 and if your horse wins you win a great prize!

All bets are placed on the night, you may bring your own drink.

8 races, 8 horses per race, why not come down next Friday and have a flutter!

Summer 2013!

School's out! (for some...) It's that time of the year again, please take a moment to read our lengthy newsletter for this Summer.

We wish you all a great Summer and enjoy the sunshine!

If you have any recommendations for the website please contact the webmaster.

Fr. John McCormack

Fr. John’s body will be received in the Church on Monday evening 15th April at 5pm. Mass will be said after the reception of his remains.

The Requiem Mass will take place on the following day Tuesday the 16th April at 12 noon. Here we come to pay our respects and pray for the repose of his soul.  Fr John though retired took an interest in the life of the Parish and for the best part of living here he showed his readiness to offer support.  He endeared himself to everyone and was loved by all.  His little jokes when giving notices made everyone giggle.  He was very disciplined and orderly possibly as a result of six years in the Navy prior to joining the priesthood.  He loved the outdoor life and he was still camping.  He loved recounting stories of his life and at table he was very entertaining.  He amused any guests that sat at the table.  Above all Fr John was a private person, a man of prayer and had a love for study.  Till the very end these virtues remained the hallmark of his life and character.  May he receive his deserved reward.  Eternal rest grant unto him, may he rest in peace, Amen.

Easter 2013

Please head over to our newsletter webpage where you can view and download the Easter programme. Alternatively click here.

Senior Parishioner's Christmas Dinner 2012

A huge thank you to all those were involved in the running and helping at this year's Senior Parishioner's Christmas Dinner! A thank you to all those who came out for the day also, without you we wouldn't of been able to get together and enjoy such a wonderful day.

God Bless over the Christmas season.

Christmas Bazaar 2012

I would like to heartily thank everyone who helped in any way with the Christmas Bazaar on Saturday, whether it was helping on the day, with the preparation or the donation of goods.  Thanks to your generosity it has been a great success.


Books - £132.40
Bottle Stall - £212.05
Bric-A-Brac - £90.60
Cake Stall - £193.80
Curry Rice - £72.70
Door - £57.00
Irene's Stall - £74.00
Fancy Good - £183.90
Gift Tombola - £176.30
Name the Bear - £50.00
Groceries - £154.22
Santa - £97.37
Irene's Aloe Vera Stall - £24.00
Choir - £30.00
Raffle - Burdett - £68.00
Refreshments - £290.38
Sweet Tombola - £171.65
Toys - £84.15
Candle Gift Bags - £32.90
Knight's Purse - £186.10

Total = £2,381.52

Grand Draw Prize - £185.00
Printing - £79.00

Total = £264.00

Total (Minus expenses) = £2,117.52


1st - No. 562 - Lorraine Stone
2nd - No. 815 - Mrs. Usher (collected)
3rd - No. 735 - Nanny Jill (collected)
4th - No. 859 - Dan McCarthy
5th - No. 826 - Vicar Marcel (St. Edmunds)
6th - No. 874 - Beatrice (collected)
7th - No. 621 - C Alex (collected)
8th - No. 684 - Emma
9th - No. 620 - C Alex (collected)
10th - No. 580 - S Earl
11th - No. 809 - Suzy

Lucky Programme (No. 120) - Unclaimed
Irene's Hamper (Blue 71) - Tom Hoey
Name the Teddy (No. 21 - Toby) Mrs Campbell

Newsletter amendment - Week of Nov' 10th

Please accept our apologises, please note Mrs Eileen Mary Skegg funeral will be held at St Vincent's Church at 10.00am on Tuesday 13th November.

Sorry for any inconvenience caused.

Signup to our newsletter!

Yes, finally! You can now sign up to the Parish's newsletter online. You will receive Sunday's newsletter on the Monday into the email address you supplied. Please be absolutely assured that your email addresses are completely safe and will not be distributed in anyway. They will solely be used as a mean to send the newsletter to you and THAT is it.

Head over to the newsletter page to subscribe to the mailshot.

The Year of Faith is among us!

Following up from the previous post, the Year of Faith is now among us. Let us take this opportunity to express our faith is numerous ways in which we may not have tried before.

Please click here for all the events within the Roman Catholic Church throughout the Year of Faith.

"Faith grows when it is lived as an experience of love received, and when it is communicated as an experience of grace and joy" - Pope Benedict XVI

Pastoral Letter regarding the Year of Faith

The Year of Faith is nearly upon us. A Pastoral letter written by Archbishop Peter was read out in our Parishes over the weekend. In it he outlines the vision of the Year of Faith which begins on 11th October 2012, the 50th Anniversary of the start of the Second Vatican Council.

He invites the whole diocese to participate enthusiastically during the year so that, in the words of Pope Benedict XVI, we may all 'rediscover the joy of believing' and understand that the whole Christian community is not just called to collaborate with the clergy but to be 'truly co-responsible for the being and activity of the Church'.

To view the letter in full click here.

Important information for the Confirmandi of the Parish

Please note: The newsletters handed out this weekend (1st & 2nd Sept) contained a slight typo. In your printed newsletters it says that the Confirmation Meeting is on Wednesday. Please be advised that this is actually scheduled for Thursday (at the same time between 6pm-7pm).

This has been amended on the online newsletter, sorry for any inconvenience or confusion this has caused.

Important Summer Information

As you may be aware, the newsletter is not distributed during this period in the Summer. Because of this, you can find all the information you need in this week's newsletter which can be found on the Newsletter page or alternatively click here.

This newsletter has all the information over the Summer up until early September when the newsletter shall continue to be distributed.

I kindly urge you all to have a quick read of the newsletter as it has many important points in which I hope will be beneficial to you.

We at St Vincent's wish you all a glorious Summer and hope the weather is kind to us all whether you are going on holiday or not.

God Bless

Summer Fete

I would like to express our deepest thanks to everybody who helped at the Summer Fete on the 16th of June. The Parish community once again has come together and shown how fantastic we can work when we work together.

I would like to take this opportunity to place the draw winners:

Grand Draw

£10 - Chester Smith

£25 - T. Broome

£50 - A. Connor

£100 - V. Hyde



Golf Voucher - Mark Usher

Foot Spa Voucher - Unclaimed (ticket no. 130)

Ten Pin Bowling - Scarlet

Meal for Two - Jean Mulhern

Orchard Theatre - Unclaimed (ticket no. 258)

Pottery Wheel - Jamie Fellows & Mark Ranson

Elle Macpherson Body - Unclaimed (ticket no. 52)

Body Wash & Spray - Unclaimed (ticket no. 219)

Calvin Klein Perfume - Hannah Tyler

Hamper Set - Ann Allen

Aromatherapy - Ann Allen


Congratulations to all winners and a massive thank you once again to everybody who came along and helped in their own way! Funds raised shall be noted in next week's newsletter.

Gift Aid

Participants in the Gift Aid/ Covenants (Weekly Envelopes) Scheme are asked to collect their new boxes of envelopes, for the weekly offertory collection, from the back of the church from next week. The new envelopes start from 2/3 June.

For the 2010/11 tax year, St Vincents received a Gift Aid scheme tax refund of £6842 from the Inland Revenue – a 4% decrease on the year before. Very many thanks to all for supporting our parish in this way and we ask you please to continue to do so.

If you are not yet donating through the Gift Aid scheme, we would strongly ask you to consider starting this means of support for our Parish, if you are a taxpayer. Just sign a simple form (blank forms and explanatory leaflets are at the back of the church) and hand it back to Fr Pat or to Gerry Mogg, (your local Gift Aid scheme organiser). It need cost you no more than your present weekly donations in loose money, because there is no lower (or upper) limit; and you don’t have to give for a minimum period.

Most people use the envelopes that the parish provides to them for the offertory collection at mass each week, while some prefer to donate annually or monthly. Tax payers who identifiably donate to a Parish cause, e.g. Mass stipends and our Peru fund are also able to have those donations included in the scheme. Whichever method(s) of donation you choose, it is confidential and of great value to our Parish. Have a chat with Father Pat about it all on 01322 279955.

And if you are already a taxpayer taking part in the Gift Aid scheme, we would take this annual opportunity to say Thank You and to ask you to consider increasing your donations, if you are able to do so. Also, please let Father or Gerry know if your tax status changes (i.e. if you cease to be a taxpayer, or if the income tax you expect to pay would be less than your total Gift Aid donations for the year), or if you move address, to prevent future incorrect claims.

Easter is Fast Approaching!

We are coming to the end of Lent and we are commemorating the crucifixion and death of Jesus Christ. As we have now entered in the Holy Week may I please remind all Parishioners of the schedule for Holy Week and Easter. Below you can find our booklet which has all the information you need for everyday starting from Palm Sunday until Easter Sunday.

May God bless you all during this wonderful time during the Church.


Please note: If you are unable to view this file you may need to download the latest Adobe Reader from here.

"For this is how God loved the world: he gave his only Son, so that everyone who believes in him may not perish but may have eternal life."

John 3:16 (NJB)

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